From 31st August to 4th September 09 we went on a class trip to Lee Valley/Cheshunt next to London (30 minutes by train). Our bus started on Monday morning at 8.30 from our school. 5 hours later we arrived at Calais. From there we went by ferry to Dover . Although the weather was fine not everyone could enjoy the crossing, not to believe for the girls and boys on the photo. At Dover the bus was already waiting and it took us about two hours to get to Lee Valley. There we moved into the lodges and had a walk round the area before we went to bed. It was planned to go to London twice and to spend one day in Cambridge.Some of my classmates got impressions as follows (Niklas Vesper):
On our first day in England it was a kind of ‘must’ to go to London. We started at 10 a.m. at Cheshunt's railway station and it took us 30 minutes till we reached Liverpool Street Station. We started a sightseeing tour. We walked to St. Katharine Docks, looked at the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and were lucky to see it opening because a sailing boat wanted to go through (Foto4). Then we passed along St.James’ Park till we arrived at Buckinhgham Palace. A classmate showed to the Union Jack on top of Buckingham Palace, a sign that the Queen was there.And then while I was taking some photos I saw an elderly lady dressed in pink going to a taxi. I also took a photo of her because she looked a little bit like the Queen and you cannot image what happened then. She got into a taxi and next to her was sitting a man looking like Prince Charles who was waving to us when passing our group. It was hard to believe that we saw the Queen and Prince Charles on that Tuesday morning in London (Theresa Esser)            
In the afternoon we visited Churchill Museum and the Cabinet War Rooms. ‘Undercover – Life in Churchill’s bunker’examines life and work during WWII in Churchill’s secret underground headquarters. Nearly all the furniture is as original as it was in the 40s. You can see the Cabinet Room, perfectly preserved since 1945 and the Map Room, the centre of operations throughout WWII. We got a different perspective on history- from the other side of the glass. (Timo Lewonig)
On our second trip to London we visited the HMS Belfast (Foto6), a British warship in the Second World War. Today it serves as a floating museum. The HMS Belfast played an important role in WWII as well as in the Korean War. The ship is 613 feet long and has nine decks. She was brought to London and opened to the public on 21 October 1971. In the museum you can visit the decks , the engine rooms, the cannons and you get an idea how life was at the sea. Waxworks, photographs and sound add the atmosphere. (Dagmar Hudalla)
But you must not think that our London trip was only a kind of educational trip. There was enough time for our shopaholics if I think of Harrods, Hard Rock Café , Accessorize,Abercrombie & Fitch or the store in the stadium of Chelsea Football Club. (Yannik Hartjes)                    
On Wednesday we went by train to Cambridge. It took us one hour from Cheshunt to Cambridge.It is worldwide known as a university city. While we were there, Cambridge was celebrating its 800th year as a university city. To commemorate this event the city has a new clock in the shape of a dragonfly that ’eats’ time and is fascinating to watch in its splendour.
We walked to the tower of St. Mary’s and climbed up the tower. The steps were very, very steep and narrow and one had to go up in a single file but the view from the top was worth the effort. We had a breathtaking view across Cambridge because the weather was pleasant and enabled us to look around. For all of us to go back down the narrow steps took some time. What one could also have done is punting but it was too expensive for us to do.
We were allowed to split up into groups and walk around Cambridge and explore. On the market it was lovely to stroll through the stands and see what was on offer. The variety was very interesting: stalls with food, clothes, books or kitchen items. Sellers were offering their goods and shouting to attract customers.. For young people the mall is great as there are many new and modern shops.
(Sophia Hercus)
In the end we can say that the class trip was a complete success and when we had to go home everyone was happy in any way. Some of us were a bit tired because of the long lasting evening before the departure but it shouldn’t be a problem. We had enough time to relax before we arrived at Mönchengladbach where our parents and friends were already waiting for us.



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